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Household cleaning maid

Household cleaning maid

    cleaning: Professional cleaners cleaning domestic hygiene, kitchen, bathroom cleaning, air conditioning, furniture, household appliances, computers, cleaning and maintenance.

    Service Center: equipped with a variety of tools and professionals. Installation, maintenance, water, electrical, HVAC, sewer dredging, home improvement, security door window, PVC, aluminum Windows and doors. Air conditioning installation, removal and maintenance. Home appliance repair clean.

    Fuzhou Cheng Jie moving services, Ltd is a professional cleaning company, our company has a professional staff with high quality for a long time, with top service, won the praise of the industry and the public to discuss. Fuzhou Cheng Jie moving services is limited to the provincial capital, providing good living environment to the people, service-oriented company, over the years has been serving the capital, to the provincial capital, people pay a caring, home culture, Xin-Yu soul elegant noble residence, Fuzhou Cheng Jie moving services company dedicated to providing our customer service.

    company's service philosophy is: healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and clean.

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