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Residents, families, and individuals move

Residents, families, and individuals move

    a. Telephone consultation: we have a professional trained operator, person to receive customer telephone inquiries, preliminary understanding of customers move dates, moving course, basic information such as location and the availability of valuables, such as pianos, safes, and so on.

    II. Phone quotes: consultation via telephone, if not many have to move furniture, and moved three cars are small, they can use the telephone offer, order confirmation directly and inform considerations, and provide the best moving programme.

    III. Free home valuation: if companies, factories, universities and large organizations, and so on, to move from item number belongs to the big move, my company with operations manager directly free home valuation, and provide the best relocation programs and interpretive notes.

    IV. Sign relocation contracts: relocation of site assessment consultations immediately after signing the contract.

    five. Clients: client items are packed, sort, especially valuable.

    six. Time: according to the number of items moved the company to arrange a suitable vehicle and a reasonable number of porters, the auspicious day auspicious times specified by the customer, on time.

    VII. Relocation services: according to customer specifications items category, gently, specified by customer order handling and, after arriving in new places.

    VIII. Satisfaction paid for free: after the relocation is complete, inspect the goods for any loss and damage, customers complete moving service, satisfaction with pay for free.

    nine. Damage claims: the relocation process, as a result of man-made damage inadvertently caused the company, compensation for loss by the company.

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