Difficult to move: the Olympic torch flame

    in order to give a way to Bowl started in London Olympic Games track and field competition, London local time at 11:14 the night of 29th, 2012 London Olympic torch, under locations in London time 30th, at 7 o'clock to reignite, out of 466 minutes during, which is quite rare in Olympic history.

    29th, at 9 o'clock in the evening local time in London, opening of London bowls the LOCOG venues for later cleanup, 11:14, just lit the cauldron was extinguished about 3 days, was transferred to the position of the opening ceremony of the Olympic clock, and in the 30th, at 7 o'clock, only lit by the a 82 year old man again. However, LOCOG spokesman said, the main torch extinguished, but fire is saved in the fire box. According to practices, a session games of main torch once was lit, usually in closing Qian are not was out, London of practices in Olympic history Shang is a rare, and usually games of main torch will was placed in significantly location, even in whole Olympic core venues district are should can see, but "petals Tower" only 28 feet (about 8.5 meters) high, even was transfer to has location more high some of Olympic Bell there, in London Bowl outside still see not to main torch.

    in fact, this is not the Olympic flame went out for the first time as early as May 21, London time, which is the Olympic flame begins United Kingdom territory passed on the third day, United Kingdom wheelchair Torchbearer Follett just securing the torch in a wheelchair, the result was blown out. London time on July 8, the flame in United Kingdom, Hertfordshire kayak whitewater Stadium passes, and flame went out because of the splash splashing.

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