Moving company workers to prove innocence from the broken finger is worth it

   , Gan Wang Youpei people never thought, in his 44 birthday that day, in order to prove himself to the owners we didn't steal the jewelry of the master, he cut off his left index finger with a kitchen knife. Although his fingers have been cut off, but did not eliminate the moving company and the owners of his suspicions.

    thing is actually very simple – one morning a few days ago, Wang and his colleagues Yang and others, for a community she moved, the way he and Yang sitting inside the car. That afternoon, the moving company owner notifying them that the return to the company, we only know the owners lost jewelry. Later, the owners and the moving company common alarm, Wang, Yang was brought to the police station and detained for one night. On January 11, as the owner said on the jewelry box to have Wang and Yang two human fingerprints, the boss urged them to "seize the initiative". But persuasion, Wang Youpei all of a sudden out of the company and ran next door to the kitchen and returned with a kitchen knife and cut off his left index finger, and then back to the company, to throw half a finger in the ground, said: "in order to prove my innocence, I chopped the fingers off!"

    It was a bloody scene, so why is "prove innocence". However, this again prove innocence and Sun Zhongjie last year compared to the digital certificate, Justice elements are missing, more reckless. Because Sun Zhongjie was facing the enforcement agency's strong law enforcement, and law enforcement Bureau, Pudong new area's strong support behind them, otherwise you will not make a simple summary of findings. If there is no "clean hands", intermediate Sun's personal integrity is a problem, not only withheld fines will jeopardize his job to make a living. In this case, Sun intermediate digital certificates, there is certainly a tragic meaning. Although not desirable, are condemned, won widespread sympathy of public opinion. Wang is not necessary--first of all, is still under investigation, and no one can be sure that he is the thief. Even if the owner doubts is only suspected, the public security organ has not identified, much less subject to legal proceedings, even the "suspects" were not qualified. In other words, there is no stigma plus body, why should prove "clean?" then, Wang was a peasant, migrant workers now, rely on the effort. Za and white-collar workers are different, is able-bodied. Today little things, you can break one, 9-level disability. If this is a work-related injury, will be able to get treatment, hospital fees, medical expenses, loss of fee, nursing fee, meals, a one-time compensation for a disability pension, and so on, about 8, 90,000 yuan, which can prove he is both serious harm to himself, is highly irresponsible to his family. Maybe talked to Lao Wang "skin" is unrealistic, but our own survival, have to rely on their own strength. At this point, Wang finger is purely ignorant thing to do. Again, from a results point of view, Wang did not serve himself innocent of the objective consequence is that for his "magnificent feat", allows the owners, moving companies as well as public security agencies, complete suspension of disbelief, that readers may not feel strange. Handling depends on the evidence, not who's confession, particularly self-confession--is not a party, including self-injury. At this time, digital more favorable than silence.

    one might say, a humble farmer and his own reputation very seriously, honour, even at life, still care for a finger it? if you think so, I question his true motives. Because it was using a generic theory of moral deficiency, to embellish the acts of reckless and foolish. You want to question my appeal may wish to cutting your fingers.

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