How to prepare during transport package broken

    goods packing should be strong, ready, in the preparedness of the transport process packaging crushing, leaked, lost within; prepared by stacking, friction, vibration, or by pressure, temperature changes caused by damage or deterioration of goods;

    preparedness injury to operator or contaminated aircraft, sea containers, ground equipment deployment and other items are packaged properly in addition to the nature, status and weight of the goods, but also ease of handling, loading and unloading and stacking packaging external appearance than with protruding nails, hooks, spines; packing should be clean, dry, free from odors and grease.

    package of advanced materials (such as sawdust and paper scraps) cannot leak. Paper bags and goods (such as files, data, etc), shipping goods should make use of the Ribbon bundle.

    is strictly prohibited to use the grass bag or rope bound goods. Liquid goods. Inside the container must be a percent idle, seal cover must be tight and not spill. Gorgeous dress in liquid glass container, each container of capacity above 500 ml. Gross weight of the goods is not over 25 kilograms. Box liner and adsorption within material filled against swing or liquid discharge.

    powdered goods. Gorgeous dress, the outer plastic coated textile bags for packaging should be used to guarantee that the powder does not spill out, gross weight of the items above 50 kilograms; using cardboard, plywood drums, wooden barrels barrels gorgeous dress requires barrel out, joint precision, lid seal, barrel hoop strong and sturdy;

    packed in glass, weighing less than 1 kilograms of contents per bottle. Steel or wooden materials for outer packing, tank gasket material filling. Gross weight of the goods is not over 25 kilograms.

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