Moving stories: regret regret we threw the book

    home mentioned of old novel or too sold I early has see had, or fundamental found not to, hole master books network is full, can is really your, I wants to review of Yangtze River trilogy in above to sell hundreds of, regret moved Shi put book are threw has yesterday moved has some things past new home, only finally see mosquito has, feel long long didn't see mosquito has, long didn't long didn't was loss has not habits Ah! Just sit in, mosquitoes a lot at home snacks are out, sister, even if I had been black lost nor my envy hate! In here to very thanks Qi Qi big afternoon of help I moved, also has is became neighbors of mosquito (work full has, occupy has feelings) moved although is tired, but absolute is a except old orientation of good opportunities, clothes also didn't Pack finished, but has threw out several package has, most are didn't broken, just not again wear has, has received donated clothes of place did? 2 play this week ended up 1 concerts recently, looking forward to a month later, love from a stranger's death wish thriller enough scary decoration and moving bored bored as a child, you can half-day climb on the cement floor and look at ants in the yard.

    now can still spend an hour standing on the roof watching how the pigeons nest outside the home, but no longer has have the carefree ... Friends remind me was tight: to change; drinking maotai; some dinner get-together for local digital camera throw; no longer concerned teachers, denying his son to play in the Community (MD simply move) ... Before climbing the calf strain in XI ' an and sleep only three hours a day to see my old friend in Beijing. Then turn for 30 hours without sleep. To kecun rush open all kinds of accounts, after sleeping for a few hours this morning were caught recording. Ming Hou two days began moved see I also has how many limit most hate moved has, this 2 years what didn't dry, had back and forth moved play has, what when is head does, tangled, but make do of put House set to has, satisfaction not satisfaction on such's, too toss people has fear find room trouble, fear moved trouble, on fear moved Qian of various package... A messy, assorted finally moved out of the bedroom was empty and when I first arrived really quickly. δΈ€

    years thanks to Chen Chen brought men to help move and I really think the box is very heavy, because you want to move, I packed my things before and found a box containing many, many letters, sort of things in high school, no way, they had to burn: ants are insects belonging to articulate classes of ant colonies. It has crawled along the floor, fly, flies are new Queens, later is the Ant King, of course, not every species of ants so. Our common are termites, mainly organic matter of smoking wood. Black ants, mainly live in trees. Red ants living cave, red ants move the wet weather. Ant is through the tentacles of the respective Exchange, fights between different species. Yesterday found the House, moving next week. Pack today when he was found to have the necklace is not common place, I was careless when the rubbish before or is it somewhere else? Old bad memory.

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