What moves need to be prepared before

    application procedures before they can move:

    first, district (municipal) service the relevant formalities.

    er, handle address translation to the post office and mail transfer procedures.

    old and advance payment of one month's notice to the landlord.

    four, call 116 for the call site procedures.

    five, notifications, water and gas companies.

    to do before you move:

   , scheduled to move two weeks ago, guarantees have been signed with the moving company and set the day. Moving expenses are cheaper than holidays on weekdays.

   , you are so full, and decided to move to the future, procedures pertaining to the move takes about a week, so be sure to do some sort of thing, something without beginning from usual packing, so that when the time comes too late.

    three room configurations, control the new House map to envisage the future of furniture, moving in the most clear way to tell of the day moving company personnel, so that he could move within a short time.

    four, before moving day, check each carton for what was written inside. In order to to a new home, where to find what at a glance.

    five, moving day, all in the old house after the evacuation, to clean the room and greeted old neighbors.

    six, moved into a new home, to greet new neighbours, so that good neighborly relations in the future.

    moves have to be adequate time to prepare, moving house is a very complicated thing, you generally need to free up the time of day, getting ready for the move.

    second to reserve a vehicle with moving companies in advance, arrive on time and began to move. If more articles, a car pulled up, want to make an appointment more than cars, items away, you can save time.

    in addition to pack in advance. Volume larger of box, and Cabinet in of items to prior out or appointment Shi told moved company, such they will with some corresponding tool (as rope, lifting equipment,); some small of piecemeal items best with carton or plastic bagged up, so as not to lost; cash, and jewelry, precious of small items to carry carry; tableware, and tea, easy broken items to separate packaging, and separate handling, and told Porter people so as not to lane broken.

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