Why pregnant women may not move

    social customs, handed down from many local people also varied, mummy was due to a variety of folk taboo, tire of God says is plagued by confused? Do not worry! To understand the source and intent of taboos can be with the right concept and attitude towards it!

    early is best not to move, because the fetal God every day in different places, feel free to move easily affect the fetus; if necessary to move, can the horoscope of the control calendar date, does not move? If you want to move, to see births where God, try not to hurt pregnant women, jumped aside and avoid the day-child of God's orientation, or you can buy a new broom, at the junction of shank and head tied red cloth, brushed myself a.

   , pregnant women moving, mobile beds, wardrobe, will move to the "child God", thus moving to Taiqi cause miscarriage. In modern medical point of view, is meaningful. When a pregnant woman when moving heavy objects, may cause lower abdominal and uterine muscles contract, if accidentally bumping into the abdomen, may also cause bleeding or placental detachment. Therefore during pregnancy if it is heavy work such as moving, moving a heavy object, pregnant women on their own, can find a family member or friend to do, to ensure the safety of the mother and fetus.

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