Move into your new home you should pay attention to what

    Association have suggested, the best choice for formal and reputable moving company, Shijiazhuang, fully equipped, and signing moving contracts, so as to avoid disputes it is difficult to define responsibilities. Small valuables and cash must be carried, if there are large or hard to carry valuables items, should be stressed to the moving company in advance, through methods such as prepaid insurance "insurance", as a result of rough handling damaged items, easy to claim.

    select the affordable moving services in order to achieve satisfaction results, not cheap. If you have valuable items, insured costs generally about insuring the value of 1% requires disassembly or installation of furniture, as the case may be. Before the move, moving the weather facts you should know

    on moving day, host the best out of the three, from home moved out when a man in the House, alone in the car, and another with Porter view handling process, what new move in as well. Fragile items or fear of pressure should be put on the top, and finally loading the first discharge, glass, iron, and other sharp items should be careful, better remind Porter in the handling process must personally supervised the handling of large household appliances; large pieces of furniture, should call a few people carry, avoid the bump.

    all the items into the room, dismantled and reassembled Panel furniture, means moving end. Inventory items and determine the valuables there is no damage, you can checkout with moving companies. Be sure to ask moving companies for consumption vouchers, found other problems to be solved on the spot.

    in front of the rooms at the new House would be the first to pay attention to clean and disinfect, cement, lumber, paint, paint all contain toxic substances harmful to human health, such as lead, benzene and formaldehyde. These substances through the respiratory tract and the skin into the body, toxic or allergic reaction. Therefore, the new House to conduct a thorough disinfection. Room disinfection methods, if the wall is for decoration, available 3% Lysol solution, or 3% solution of Peracetic acid spray. Uniform ground spraying, sprayed the walls should be 2 meters height or above, closes new Windows and doors you want more than 1 hour after spraying. In addition, you can use vinegar fumigation room.

    rooms at the timing of the science. Good decoration can not totally clean, but pollution is controlled within the scope of the standard. Renovated room should be ventilated, do air purifiers work, you generally need to 5-10 days, or according to the indoor air quality prolonging. Room ventilation is also very particular about. Rapid ventilation cannot open all the doors and Windows, walls prone to cracking, peeling, and so on. The scientific method is: open the bedroom door, use of kitchen, bathroom Windows for ventilation; put a few in the Interior basin of water, not only protect walls and adsorption of polluting materials; you can also put some indoor pineapple, green, cacti, such as activated carbon, increase the absorption rate. People looking to move house are found, moved large pour said, trivial and small pieces of debris moving up trouble instead. In fact, all scattered things into boxes, peers, can solve the problems that affect progress. Professional advice, moving articles before finishing ahead of the new date at least one week in advance, a variety of classification packing and carton label and serial number, which will help prevent loss. When boxed, placed in the box to the elasticity moderate, things too much will make the case deformed, damaged or lost items in boxes, packed too little box things collide, may also be damaged, break old newspaper or foam padding inside the box fix.

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