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Quality of the moving company: must be in good order

    movers won't care, moving company task organized, Shijiazhuang. This time Chen mingming got a call from upstairs by one of us went, she let his work to help her look. Goods moved up quickly, after counting the number as usual, breakable boxes marked with a close look at, if not, this is perfect.

    When you shut the TV carton our workers jumped out of his skin, because it broke the LCD Panel, this is how to explain to their clients the work LEE MING MING, Shijiazhuang city moving company phone, then said, "you lose big, how such an alert, it's to eight thousand or nine thousand's". Workers looked at each other but there is no way regrets now not close look, now jumping into the Yellow River has also not wash, only LEE MING MING come back again. LEE MING MING after more than 10 minutes back, with him is a task officer of suning appliance. LEE MING MING's events hastened to tell customers that the TV worked, did not think Chen mingming said this irrespective of, has already broken prior to the move, it's not my staff for suning appliance look and replace it with a new one? Customer comments is no different from the sound of music, let us hanging heart finally came down.

    back to the workers told me that after this incident, I also eased, so that lose big. So moving at a later date at the same time are sure to ask clear or very indescribable event. Moving company in Shijiazhuang has a lot of things are packed in boxes inside early, our workers to the site just has to move carefully, which carton customer request we put on it, that is not we will do it one by one. However, what had been packed inside the box is a situation we could not know, yesterday's move as a packed cardboard box there is a LCD TV, over open invented television screen was broken, it is to our movers to jump out of his skin. Early morning in Shijiazhuang city moving company prices Division consists of four workers in a Guangzhou detention house near LEE MING MING moved to the customer was moved to city from Siri II hospital: Huang Mugang, four-floor move down, six-floor upstairs. Workers to the scene of the appropriateness of time LEE MING MING goods has already organized. LEE MING MING can collate all the sundry goods packed in cardboard boxes of different sizes all around, her good, also with a big pen noted above, the digital property and goods, handling and loading time of our workers will comply with the top of the carton indicating to load, there will be no broken goods. It has a large LCD TV carton, television has been installed, carefully sealed with sealing tape.

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