Moving knowledge

Test your knowledge: the moving two-part allegorical sayings you know?

    moving company there are many people who move a lot. If fantasy-loving you would suspect that humans and other animals to move what was it all about? Hurry and humans, like animals in the moving company, or specialized in handling small animals?

    just a guess, the emphasis is moving from the two-part allegorical sayings recommended, of course in the first place is that we humans, and humans is the most famous Confucius ' move, "holes moving father and son – is full of books."

    other two-part allegorical sayings are as follows, in fact move, gods and animals including humans.

    – land and water moved to wander

    tea house-move solution-start

    – Dragon King move much (from the sea)

   -mouse move-poor toss

   -old monk moved-death

    kitchen posted on the calf – people moving; moving

    sells bun move-full

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