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Teach you five move against "black company"

    recent "black moving Center" banner touting formal enterprises, many consumers are cheated. Shijiazhuang city consumer protection board 26th post consumer tips, five strokes to prevent "black moving Center."

    according to the survey, the "black moving Center" most of the fraudulent use of formal business name, logo and other propaganda, its price is very low. After receiving business, "black moving Center" to hire temporary workers, lack the necessary skills. In the process of moving, they are often free to raise prices, ask for tips, and even took the opportunity to steal property.

    consumer tips consumer protection Committee of Shijiazhuang said, consumers need to guard against "black moving Center" first can't just covet cheap; when selecting a moving Center, call traffic hotline for consultation in Shijiazhuang city.

    Secondly, not take small ads. "Black moving Center" often in ads posted on the residents of the building, utility poles, or prints into residents ' mail, and formal enterprises will not disseminate advertising through such channels.

    third, master knowledge skills. Formal qualities of the moving Center "operating permit", and add the security logo, color handling vehicle, employee uniform, service prices.

    IV, inspection of goods in a timely manner. Once they arrived at their destination, consumers should count the number of moving goods on the spot, check if an item is damaged, timely detection of problems.

    in addition, the service fee paid by consumers, make sure you ask for a formal invoice and keep it. In case of disputes, consumer complaints, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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