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    Pack before you move, moved up and then unpacked, and then clean the ... ... Even before the moving company, also had to try these things. Now is different, a few days ago, "moving" big XX moving companies introduced the concept of one-stop service---before and after the move process may encounter trouble, were included into the moving company service form. As long as the user needs, XX moving company can be in the process of moving at the same time provide boxes, layout design, disassembly and Assembly of furniture, home decoration, clean and move the acquisition of cleaning, garage, air conditioning machines, audio-visual equipment, road services such as installation, computer installation and desk Assembly and disassembly.

    more and more frequently to move once has brought great opportunities for the development of the moving company, in XX moving companies, for example, in 1988 the company was founded only 4,000 customers look for when they move, last year found XX move the total number of families in Beijing have exceeded 800,000. However with old city transformation of completed, large new homes of completed also on marks mass of relocation is close end, housing reform of implemented makes residents no longer like past as kept to adjustment housing, moved company at faced of is gradually atrophy of market; while, with more investors of intervention, moved market of price competition also makes market profit constantly reduced, and moved company of non-professional of moved service, more makes "moved" and "moved company" are faced with crisis.

    "Shijiazhuang as ' moving ',XX moving company boss has 149 professional moving vehicles and more than 600 employees, but we still have to see have to see moving market crisis. "XX company General Manager Chen said. "XX moved a few years ago the company began to expand the scope of business, in addition to the relocation of residents, State organs, and large-scale activities to provide services to the important business of moving companies. In fact, great article move is to do, with the increase of derivative services, we have set up the automotive service centers, flea markets, cleaning company 5 professional services company, will do fine to do business.

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