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Moving to a new home thanks to the five-party---why should Earth Grandpa?

    has moved to a new place, new, strange land, new people, so I hope this piece of land will bring us good luck at the foot of, disaster reduction, and so moved to a new house with the "worship the five parties," said one. Meaning politely to new Earth God and say hello, Hello.

    "worship Quintet" offerings include:

    first. bean sprouts their put a heap, and tofu the a pieces, and health fruit the a or five a (also can while five species different of fruit the a a), and peanut parties a heap, and colored miscellaneous bean little, and candy five grain, and even fur of fertilizer pork (skin even fertilizer cream) a small block, and credence a, and thick cut carrot a (for plug incense and the candle with).

    II. offerings are placed in corners and Central, central to special wine cup.

    third. to paper Zagreb Pu buy corners clothing men and women the a copies, central location of underworld money should larger copies, among containing a copies file, content refers to new households Yu when what day staying, pray hundred thing peace Gil, and smooth Ruyi; (can please some master this aspects of Feng Shui master for you prepared, inside content will has Scripture and Medallion spells) as units more wet dark, should more buy Brook money, and gold and silver silver piece, gods clothing and the landlords clothing the a copies, burn Mong Kok home (should prepared three put fan , Which is a professional Feng Shui masters to discover what is wrong with the thing. )

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