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Disassembly and Assembly of the family air conditioning points to note

    1, air conditioner Assembly and disassembly machines should pay attention to the following points: fluorine recovered before disassemble recommends that the controller is not packaged to spare), will remove the low pressure copper tube interface and tape sealed to prevent dust and dirt caused by capillary congestion resulting in no refrigeration. Transport machine before connecting piping must be large, prevent DART or crack in the copper tube, resulting in lacking fluoride fluoride or pipe leakage. Before installation check the copper pipes, power lines, condensate pipe is intact. Tone must be installed horizontally to prevent condensation water backflow causes a air spraying of water. Outdoor unit connecting pipes must be emptied, led to poor refrigeration of otherwise air mixed with compressor, take the tube to horizontal even vertical, keeping the overall aesthetic.

    2, on the issue of fluoridation of air conditioning. Air conditioning fluoridation maintenance cleaning remove drilling market, fluoridation is a problem that many users care about. Air conditioner is mounted 32 without fluoridation, whereas 32 day will leak. Air conditioning no fluoride, are certainly not refrigerating, air conditioning not cooling is not necessarily lack of fluoride. How to tell? several simple methods can help you decide

    try: air conditioning open half an hour later, whether the set temperature is reached. Or is the lack of fluoride.

    of two: measured with a thermometers indoor unit inlet temperature difference difference of more than 10 degrees, more normal. Effect of difference of air conditioning of up to 15 degrees. Temperature difference is too small, lack of fluoride.

    three: power on after 15 minutes, open the indoor unit Panel, you should see the uniform full of condensation water on the evaporator, half if there is no frost or freeze is not normal.

    four touch: check air conditioning pressure measured with a pressure gauge (not in favor of user awareness and unsafe).

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