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Moving company workers move bad customers find out who should be held responsible!

    original, lived haizhu a community of Zhang Mr just buy to a by new homes, and a home Beijing moved company agreed day moved, no thought in handling process in the, due to operation improper put Zhang Mr new buy of a lamp value 4500 Yuan classical type lamp fell broken has, distressed have Zhang Mr immediately and its quarrel has up, other said they only is responsible for handling, if moved bad has things is not compensation have of, call to company is also have results, Zhang Mr more wants to more gas, So the two sides fought together, and later by the police conciliation by the moving company paid out cash to just over 200.

    This moving company Beijing reminded members of the public:

    1, is best to choose reputable moving companies have the strength of the brand, not just a phone call or a publicity piece, blind booking.

    2, consumers should avoid the telephone booking, best moving company should be consulted. One can really understand the company situation, and second, the two sides should sign a note move time, place, simple move in the price of services contracts, especially for large valuables, sign, indication of price and quality and accurate, as a basis for avoiding disputes, the dispute.

    3, a number of important items, such as files, cash deposit to take hold. The important furniture to remind the movers that careful, monitored process consumers better about family and friends.

    4, the preservation of evidence and complaints in a timely manner. Once fault of the movers broke furniture, neighbors or others to give evidence should the employer, take pictures, it is best to let the movers handwriting a damage certificate. Finally, consultations and moving companies to ask for compensation for direct loss. If the other exclusions, by agreement and related in time to the appropriate Department or through legal channels.

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